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The Influence Puzzle

6 Aspects of Powerful Executive Presence

Through years of coaching top executives and seeing their struggles and successes first hand, Executive Coach, Val Williams, has solved the puzzle of how successful executives actually influence through their presence. The Influence Puzzle presents the underlying principles of influence: how influence works and how to cultivate the underlying executive presence that a senior executive must have to create impact at the top of the house. Through understanding and applying the six pieces of the puzzle in this book, you can have greater impact on people and circumstances more quickly and with less effort. 145 pages.

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Executive Foundation

5 Essential Skills for Senior Leaders

Designed for new, seasoned, or aspiring executives to assess and improve the strength of their own Executive Foundation: the essential skills that make a successful senior leader. How satisfied are you with your own Executive Foundation? Take the enclosed Executive Foundation Assessment to find out!

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Executive Think Time

Thinking that Gets Results

This book helps leaders with two things. First it outlines for executives: how to set aside the time to “think”. Second, it gives leaders a 4 step model for what to think about; so that they optimize whatever think time they have: even if it is only an hour.

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Virtual Leadership

Great Tips on Managing People From Afar Using Today’s Technology

This little booklet gives leaders lots of tips for how to manage and coach their people when the staff is located in a different city or different country. When staff is in a different geographic location, how do you evaluate performance? coach performance? build a team? have successful teleconferences? This booklet gives solutions.

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Get the Best Out of Your People and Yourself

7 Practical Steps to Top Performance

This book gives 7 practical steps for leaders and executives who want to see top performance from the staff. The handbook gives excellent, practical instructions on delegation, giving feedback, performance management, and coaching your people. 100 pages.

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Butterfly Coaching

A Leadership Tool for Developing People

Developing people is the key to a successful organization and achieving results. So why is it often difficult to help people develop and evolve? This book offers a three-step model and tool for effectively developing people and creating lasting individual and organizational change. You’ll discover why the usual methods of advising and helping don’t work, as well as the more effective alternatives.

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Building Your Personal Foundation

7 Steps for a Happier Life

This audio CD outlines 7 Steps for a Happier Life.

Building your personal foundation will show you how to:

  • Raise your standards
  • Get your needs met
  • Eliminate what you tolerate
  • Restore integrity
  • Build boundaries
  • and more!


This audio CD is a conversation between Val Williams and Joan Wright, focusing on the three most important questions for senior leaders as they plan the future. Val and Joan share how successful leaders are creating solutions for these three major leadership challenges.