The Blind Spots of High Achievers (Video)


The Blind Spots of High Achievers (Audio)

High achievers are usually successful and achieve goals quickly. Many senior executives are high achievers. However, there are some unique challenges that come with being a high achiever; some unique blind spots. I’ve seen the benefits that happen when a senior executive takes the time to deal with their blind spots.

They end up having a much more powerful impact with a lot less effort. Listen to the audio segments below to learn about the blind spots I’ve discovered while coaching senior executives. Each four-minute message (free download) covers typical behaviors executives demonstrate and some of the challenges they experience before becoming aware of what they cannot see.

1. STEPPING UP: The End of Your Winning Formula

You are already known for winning. But when you step up to a more senior executive level, you may find that winning doesn’t happen as frequently or as easily. Now is the time to look at your “winning formula” to see if the way you have always succeeded
no longer works.

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2. LEADING POWERFULLY: The Hidden Need for Approval

A key competency of successful leaders is skillful collaboration. Yet at the senior executive levels, this way of operating can have an unintended (and potentially hazardous) impact on your leadership and career.

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3. BEING OVERWHELMED: The Super-Busy Trap

You work more. You work harder. You work longer. Leadership is about the results you produce. So you’re proud of being so busy. But you’re being overwhelmed. Choosing to do it yourself may look good—up to a point. Listen to what can happen when you continue
to fundamentally be a master “doer”.

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You’ve been promoted into a Director or VP position based on your track record and potential as a high achiever. Yet the transition from technical expert to true leader requires new competencies and a different focus to deliver bottom line results.

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You are passionate, committed, and authentic. But you’ve hit a wall. Your ability to influence people and consistently deliver great results is at risk. Now is the time to look at what’s standing between you and extraordinary P&Ls.

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