Detach and Engage

Creating a truly beneficial impact means taking time to step back, reflect, and recharge. Executive leadership retreats are a leader’s opportunity for time to think, plan, and design their most valuable impact. This is especially effective for senior executive leaders trying to align a team or initiate a culture change.

Powerful Conversations in a Relaxed Space

The retreat style is highly interactive, encouraging participants to create the type of powerful conversations they usually don’t have at the office. The group is encouraged to stretch for outcomes that they really care about and have fun collaborating in this relaxed, creative time.

Executive Think Time®

Leadership retreats utilize the Executive Think Time® 4 step model, which helps executives optimize their think time for maximum impact.

Retreat Topics

  • Strategic Planning
  • New Business Growth
  • Team Development
  • Influence
  • Other topics customized to your group


  • Customized
    Fits your team’s goals and needs
  • Team Size
    Best for 5–30 leaders or a leadership team
  • Engagement
    Usually 1–2 days
  • Venue
    Offsite at a cool location