Energize Participants

Whether you’re planning a corporate meeting, special event, or a conference, having the right keynote message to kick off the event is critical. Keynote speeches set the tone for the event and inspire participants to stretch beyond their comfort zone.

Leadership Topics

A variety of executive leadership topics can be customized to meet the specific needs of your audience.

  • The Influence Puzzle®: 6 Aspects of Powerful Executive Presence (for powerful influence)
  • Executive Foundation: 5 Key Skills for Senior Executive Leaders
  • Executive Think Time®: A Model for Strategic Thinking
  • Get the Best Out of Your People and Yourself: 7 Steps for Higher Performance
  • Virtual Leadership: Leading Geographically Dispersed Staff
  • Butterfly Coaching: Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Building your Personal Foundation: Personal Confidence as a Leader
  • Stay Out of React Mode!


  • Customized
    Fits your audience’s goals and needs
  • Group Size
    Perfect for larger audiences
  • Engagement
    Usually 1–2 hours
  • Venue
    Onsite or offsite