You can make a bigger impact with a team than you can by yourself. Team coaching helps your team work together to design the impact they want to have. Once they are united and take ownership, team members make the organization stronger and more powerful.

Stronger Teams

Successful senior executives know that extraordinary results come from outstanding teams. Executives who don’t have the skill to build and align a team simply can’t lead. Team coaching focuses on how to build a cohesive team that can effectively achieve the team’s goals.

Faster Results for Longer

Team coaching is particularly effective for the leader who needs the team to produce results now. Team coaching helps the team focus on how they coordinate their actions to get the biggest results. And because the team leader is integrated into the coaching, the leader can continue to coach the team long after the professional coach is gone. This is big.

The Gel Factor

Senior leadership teams are usually made up of several high achieving executives. High achievers are smart, dedicated, and leaders themselves. They are sometimes less experienced at being team “members.” They benefit from coaching on how to shift their focus beyond their individual goals to group goals. By coaching the team, you start to see alignment, cohesiveness, and greater effectiveness.

Overcoming Silos

Team coaching starts with vision and strategy so that team members work better together. Team coaching also provides tools for having difficult conversations about breakdowns that inevitably happen in daily corporate life.

What to Expect from Val’s Team Coaching

  • Tough questions
  • Challenge to support group goals
  • Accountability for action leading to team success


  • Customized
    Fits your team’s goals and needs
  • Team Size
    Best for a senior leadership team or senior leaders and their 3–10 direct reports
  • Sessions
    1–4 hours, on-site or virtual (phone & email)
  • Engagement
    Usually monthly for 3–6 months