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A Solution for Developing Your Staff

Do you have people reporting to you? Then, as their manager or executive, you are responsible for assisting in their professional development. That is one of the dimensions on your personal performance appraisal. How do you fit this into your busy day, and do it well? Here is the solution:

Have a 90-minute developmental meeting with each of your direct reports. The outcome should be… Continue reading

How to Get Everyone on the Same Page

Maybe you are a corporate executive, technical expert, or manager leading your staff through change. Maybe you run your own business. Maybe you lead a project of co-workers or volunteers. Whatever kind of leadership position you have, you know that to get people to be more productive, you need a “shared vision.” When people are on the same page, they accomplish more, faster and with… Continue reading

Restore Your Power

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings on your schedule? Does every project seem like a priority? Is the stress of corporate politics just something you’ve learned to live with?

Many busy professionals are experiencing the relentless pressure of work. Is this the future you were dreaming of? And even people who like their work often tell me, “I have a great… Continue reading

You Had the Power All Along

Would you like to feel more powerful? My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz. Surprisingly, this movie helped me develop my business mission as a coach. Remember when Dorothy is afraid that she’ll never get home to Kansas? Glinda, the Good Witch, tells her to just click her heels because “she had the power all along….” Dorothy had not realized that.

As a… Continue reading

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