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Making Corporate America a Better Place

I was at Starbucks talking with an executive about the large-scale, rapid changes around us-from government budgets, new technologies and the quirks of the stock market to climate change, younger generations in the workforce, and the increasing demand for corporate responsibility. We also shared how we personally feel uncertain in the midst of all this change, and how challenging the future looks. We left the… Continue reading

Kickstart for 2013: Executive Think Time®

As your plane pulls away from the terminal, you cram in a few more emails before the flight attendant forces you to turn off your smart phone. With 2013 kicking into gear, you’re on the run again-racing from meeting to meeting, conducting multiple conversations on the fly, barely having time to think of the consequences of the decisions you’re making. New Year’s resolutions are… Continue reading

Execution: Powerfully Shaping the Future

As a senior executive, have you ever felt like you were the captain of a space shuttle—in charge of a crew going where no one has gone before? Success depends on consistent superior execution. And high-risk adventures require leaders who can inspire people with a compelling vision, get them moving in the same direction, and develop their sense of ‘team’ so that they can work… Continue reading

The Silent Self-Doubt of Powerful Performers

As a senior executive, have you ever heard a colleague talk openly about how their self-doubt may be impacting their performance? The C-suite is not exactly the place for that kind of conversation. C-level leaders are working under heavy expectations. Meanwhile, your peers are competing with you for resources. And your multiple stakeholders are expecting you to produce results. Even if you have doubts, you’re… Continue reading

Your Formula 1: Championship Performance @ High Speed

As a leader, have you ever felt like a racecar driver heading into the last lap of a Grand Prix race? Everything’s happening at breakneck speed and even the slightest miscalculation in your performance can have disastrous results.

A Grand Prix only lasts a weekend. But, as an executive, you live in a high pressure, fast-paced environment all the time. You have proven your ability… Continue reading

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