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Don’t Waste My Time!

What if you as a senior leader could transform those painfully boring staff meetings into opportunities for real connection? Stop enduring. Start changing them now.

You know the meetings I’m talking about. The ones filled with useless or trivial dialogues in which nothing moves forward (or things move forward very, very, very slowly). The ones where everyone just sits there and endures the conversation. The… Continue reading

Executive Presence is a Choice

Senior executive leaders, even those with experience, often overlook a key factor that determines whether they succeed or fail. You do need knowledge, skill, and strategies. However, it is your executive presence that makes or breaks your performance every day.

The challenge: the game of executive presence changes significantly when you move from Director to VP or C level.

At earlier levels in our careers,… Continue reading

Want Impact? Get Big

As a senior executive leader, you have a big vision. And you intend to have a big impact. What will your first move be? Supersize goals? Delegate more? Expand your influence? How about starting with yourself.

One of my mentors told me that there are three steps for dealing with any major challenge in your life. Calm down. Get big. And move forward. I never… Continue reading

Courage is Not Enough

As senior executive leaders, people count on us to help them overcome fear, especially in high-risk situations where a lot is at stake. They look to us to lead them through danger safely. Yet what resources can we rely on in those moments when we ourselves instinctively want to run in the opposite direction?

Recently, I was talking with a friend who is a New… Continue reading

Power: Use it Well… or Lose It!

Do you intend to be a major player as a senior executive leader? Then you’ll want to develop a real ability to influence people to act-not because they have to-but simply because they believe in you and are invested in your idea. You’ll want to master “the right use of power”.

There’s a certain degree of courage we need in order to face the fact… Continue reading

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