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Want Impact? Get Big

As a senior executive leader, you have a big vision. And you intend to have a big impact. What will your first move be? Supersize goals? Delegate more? Expand your influence? How about starting with yourself.

One of my mentors told me that there are three steps for dealing with any major challenge in your life. Calm down. Get big. And move forward. I never… Continue reading

Courage is Not Enough

As senior executive leaders, people count on us to help them overcome fear, especially in high-risk situations where a lot is at stake. They look to us to lead them through danger safely. Yet what resources can we rely on in those moments when we ourselves instinctively want to run in the opposite direction?

Recently, I was talking with a friend who is a New… Continue reading

Power: Use it Well… or Lose It!

Do you intend to be a major player as a senior executive leader? Then you’ll want to develop a real ability to influence people to act-not because they have to-but simply because they believe in you and are invested in your idea. You’ll want to master “the right use of power”.

There’s a certain degree of courage we need in order to face the fact… Continue reading

Making Corporate America a Better Place

I was at Starbucks talking with an executive about the large-scale, rapid changes around us-from government budgets, new technologies and the quirks of the stock market to climate change, younger generations in the workforce, and the increasing demand for corporate responsibility. We also shared how we personally feel uncertain in the midst of all this change, and how challenging the future looks. We left the… Continue reading

Kickstart for 2013: Executive Think Time®

As your plane pulls away from the terminal, you cram in a few more emails before the flight attendant forces you to turn off your smart phone. With 2013 kicking into gear, you’re on the run again-racing from meeting to meeting, conducting multiple conversations on the fly, barely having time to think of the consequences of the decisions you’re making. New Year’s resolutions are… Continue reading

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