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Leverage your “Virtual Leadership” Skills

Most everyone I am speaking with these days, from senior corporate executive clients, to colleagues, friends, family, and the cashier in the grocery store, is talking about uncertainty. And we all are longing to get some certainty back sooner rather than later.

In that context, I’d like to offer the summary below. I have the honor of working with lots of executives at many different… Continue reading

“Inner Peace” for the Holidays

During the holidays, we see cards that read “Peace on Earth”. In addition to wishing people “Peace on Earth”, how about we wish everyone more “Inner Peace” (Inner Peace being: a state of calmness and composure?)

I recently attended a cool lecture where the teacher challenged us with a question: “What if the real natural state of our mind is actually peaceful?… and the problem… Continue reading

Magic Makers

The Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah is a place where magic makers meet and showcase their cutting edge adventures in new and inspiring cinematic journeys. This past January, I had the good fortune to spend five wonderful days there. There is something therapeutic and regenerative about waking up every morning looking at mountains, ski lifts, and slopes. It is hard to complain about… Continue reading

The Artist in the Executive Suite

Steve looked out of his office window feeling triumphant. Not only had he survived the company’s latest reorganization; he also got the bigger job he wanted as Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing. “Wow…” he thought to himself. “Not bad for a guy who has been with the company only a few years….But now the real work begins….”.

Steve had always been a high achiever.… Continue reading

The 3 Biggest Blind Spots of High Achievers

I am a recovering High Achiever…

So I can say from experience that we High Achievers are very proud to identify with the High Achiever title. We work hard, accomplish a lot, have very high standards, are pretty confident (generally), and create a track record of success.

However, at a certain point High Achievers (especially High Achiever executives) hit a wall that they did… Continue reading

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